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Who are we ?

We are a family, aiming to provide a smart and quick electric cab system in India as EVs are future. Our government and engineers are continuously working on the reducing the emission of fossil fuels. We aim to create international impact, making competitive waves with segments governed by global auto monsters with deep pockets. We are on the way to develop intelligent system powered by renewable energy that will be tracked by a Smart Network. The network will monitor the cab and the customer, which are IoT enabled and linked to an app. The Smart Network provides real-time feedback to customers.

services we offer

Launching a highly scalable and financially sustainable EV revolution

Helping each other for being safe during CORONA VIRUS crisis

We are actively monitoring our drivers whether they have wore mask or have a face cover, even they are vaccinated . We ask drivers to take their selfies and upload in the system provided to them before they begin driving. Our technology help us monitoring them whether they are using a face cover or mask.

Few of our services…

Always stay connected to the internet with Go Cabs Go free, in cab wifi and enjoy the internet facilities, even you are on the move.

Now, simply go cashless by using any of your upi and travel easy. 

You can easily find the QR code in the cab, just scan it and enjoy the hassle free payments

We are very much committed to your safety, from the creation of new standards to the development of new technology.  We want you to move freely, make the most of your time, and be connected to the people and places that matter most to you.

Highlighted Features

360 degrees Camera

We have implanted cameras that are monitoring the vehicle from inside as well as outside. Also, all the trips are tracked from start to end , so that there is a record of your trip if something happens.

Clean and Sanitized

Before accepting the customers booking, we sanitize our cabs completely. Therefore, there is no chance of getting infected.

Wireless Connectivity

We have provided WIFI connectivity in our cabs, so that the customer enjoys the smooth experience without seams.

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We believe in learning by doing. Committing mistake is ok but we believe that mistakes should not be repeated. We help our new entries, don’t just build career, but be with us always and be the part of future.

DESIRE   Passion   research

Launching A highly scalable and Financially sustainable ev revolution

Invest in us

Assuring you for the better future.


We are creating long term growth opportunities for investors as electrification of vehicles is a trend that is not going away.

Invest in Battery Swapping

We are aiming to create our own charging stations, so as to reduce waiting time. Be the part of this objective.

Invest in Cabs

We are aiming to manufacture our own electric vehicles. You can join us in this initiative.

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