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What is this extension?


“Buy India Made” is an extension that tells you about the country of origin of the product ie. in which country the product is manufactured, when you go for an online shopping. After installing this extension, when you open a website like flipkart or amazon, the country name will flash on your screen. From this you can easily choose to buy the product manufactured in India.


How this extension helps?

When you install this extension, it simply finds the country of origin of the product and flashes it on your screen. For example, If the country of origin of the product is India ie. the product is made in India. It shows the name of the nation right at the top of the name of the product on your screen that will help you easily find out in which country the product is manufactured. So, now you don’t need to type and search the term separately as this extension will make your job easy and will save your time.


Why do you need this extenstion?

If you are an Indian, love to buy products made in India and want to be the part of us who are supporting the economy of India, this extension is for you. Just download our extension and you are good to go. The download procedure is simple:
  1. Open your browser, google chrome extension.
  2. In the search box type `Buy India Made` extension.
  3. Download the extension.
That’s it, you are done.
Sit relax, rest of the work will be done by this extension. Just open any online shopping store like Amazon, Flipkart etc. and search your product that you want to buy. When you open the product specification page, it will show you the origin of the product.
Simple, isn’t it?


How you can support our economy?

You can support small businesses, startups in India by buying home made products. You can support us by sharing this extension to your contacts, online social sites like whatsapp, facebook, instagram etc. Just click on the link given below to share it and tell you loved ones about the features of this extension.
That’s it.
Simple and easy.


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